September Wrap-Up

It’s already level 10 of Jumanji 2020. I can’t believe it’s October. Autumn and Halloween season is upon us. Christmas is another 2 months and I can’t keep calm! September went in a flash and here are the bookish things I’ve been up to:

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July Wrap-Up

I’m not sure how fast this year is going. It was just the end of June and now we are ending July. On one hand, this year is going by slowly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and on the other, the months just keep on coming. A wrap-up easily shows me the amount of work I’ve done this month and helps me keep up my goal count.

So here are the bookish things I’ve been up to this month:

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June Wrap-Up

June went by in a flash and I thought why not do a quick wrap-up to finish off the month. Since I recently traveled to my home country have been in quarantine for a week, I’ve not got much to do. It’s been a long, stressful journey and what better to do other than reading and blogging. Here are the bookish things I’ve been up to:

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The Billionaire’s Pregnant Competition by Leslie North – Review

I have no idea why but I’m addicted to reading books about billionaires for some reason. This is my second one in a matter of a week. It doesn’t look like I’m going to stop either. Both the books that I’ve read, I’ve enjoyed so much that I do plan on reading more.

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How to get out of a reading slump?

We all have good reading days and bad readings days. What do you do when the bad ones just keep going on? 

We, bookworms, sometimes stumble in bad times when, as much as we try, we can’t seem to read. Lots of lovely books that need reading on our to-be-read shelf, new books releasing every day, but we can’t seem to read. Yep, those are the worst days!

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Paperbacks vs Kindle

In an age where technology is taking over most of the print media, we still have books. Be it school books, fiction or non-fiction, books are still being published.

I have been an avid reader since I was taught to spell. The love just grew from 25 pages to 50 pages to 100 pages to 300 and 600 and it goes on. During my school days, I’ve been caught with storybooks under my chemistry or physics books multiple times. Any regrets? None whatsoever.

I’ve been hoarding books since I can remember but recently by family gifted me a kindle as a graduation present. I’ve been torn between paperbacks and ebooks since then. Here’s my list of pros and cons for each.

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Why I love reading YA Fantasy so much…

To be honest, I’ve been stuck in the downward spiral of not being able to either read or write. Call it a writer’s block and a reader’s block or whatever. I just can’t seem to get out of these blocks. For a person who finishes reading a book in 2 days, I genuinely take about 2 weeks to finish a book now. I know it’s depressing, but it is what it is.

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The Seven Deadly Sins [Tag]

This tag has been making rounds on book blogs and I came across it on Serendipitous Reads‘ blog (you’ll love her if you’re a bibliophile) and she tagged anyone reading the post. So here’s what I’m guilty of.

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