The Billionaire’s Pregnant Competition by Leslie North – Review

I have no idea why but I’m addicted to reading books about billionaires for some reason. This is my second one in a matter of a week. It doesn’t look like I’m going to stop either. Both the books that I’ve read, I’ve enjoyed so much that I do plan on reading more.

Book Name: The Billionaire’s Pregnant Competition

Author: Leslie North

Genre: Romance, Adult Fiction, Contemporary,

Publisher: Kindle Edition, Amazon

Publication Date: June 8th, 2020

Book Acquired: ARC, Hidden Gems Books

Ratings: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I received this book as an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from this book. I thought it would the typical gold-digging-one-night-stand-pregnant-for-money kind of book but I was quite surprised with how the book turned out. Even though some of the characteristics mentioned above were similar.

In the book, our main protagonist Mila Tomlinson is shown to be a nerdy yet super stylish boutique owner, who knows how to do her job but is only lacking in good customers and sales with the impending doom of paying rent and making ends meet. Here’s when our male characters Grayson Finlay, business entrepreneur, owner of Finlay technologies enters and sweeps Mila off her feet. Their meeting is pure accidental luck which is too cute to ignore.

The story then goes on to one passionate night of intimacy and the next day, Grayson realizes he wants more. To make sure Mila stays around him, he comes up with the perfect competition business deal between Mila’s human touch of style with that of a fashion app created by Grayson’s company. To save her business, Mila agrees and gets swept in the social and business life of Grayson. What both of them don’t expect is that their one night together, gives them unexpected news, an unexpected pregnancy.

To be honest, I guessed that Grayson would be an arrogant man who only cares about his I-don’t-commit reputation and money that would leave Mila on her own to care for the baby. Ironically, Grayson does just that. He offers to pay financially for Mila and the baby but his heart is not in it. The rough background that Grayson had, he doesn’t want the same for his unborn child and so he decides to take a step back.


The honesty in which Grayson worries over Mila and his unborn child is pleasant to see. He thinks that money will solve the problems but he doesn’t realize until the very end that Mila also wants Grayson to be a part of their little family. The fear that Grayson shares of being a father are something very real and meaningful. The communication between Grayson and his friends and Grayson and his mother is consequential in turning Grayson’s life around.

Not only that, but the immense support system we see for Grayson is so positive. On the other hand, Mila has been trying to prove to her parents that she can manage her business, her relationship with Grayson and the baby only to be let down by her family’s negativity. A very common perception of women not being able to manage their life and need a steady firm blue-collar job as opposed to being creative with their options. A very strong message that the author adds perfectly to the story.

The book’s narration in the form of Mila’s POV and Grayson’s POV gives the story such a huge advantage. It’s easy to navigate and understand what both of them are feeling. The emotions and expressions are relatable and we feel for the characters as if we were living their lives.

Moreover, the intimate narration in the story only proves the chemistry Mila and Grayson share. It gives us a glimpse of how much the characters feel for each other and override the confusion of not knowing who feels what. It’s a genuine, loveable, fervent and entertaining plot that has been perfectly stitched together.

I enjoyed every challenge, flirty remarks, the banter between Mila and Grayson, the friendships, the emotions and the drama that ensued. I positively rate this book a 5 star for a good-natured, one-sitting read.

All the love R


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