Never have I ever…

enjoyed an American TV show with amazing Indian representation.

A few weeks ago, Netflix gave us a new TV series called Never Have I Ever and tbh, it’s so Indian, I love it.

This show has by far one of the best cultural representations. Mindy Kaling produced this one so I don’t doubt it one bit. We have characters and artists from all backgrounds and they’re proud of their cultures and don’t shy away from celebrating it. It’s incredible to watch.

The Indian representation is on point. Devi’s family, a middle class South Indian culture could not have been portrayed better. The daily squabble between Devi and her mom, the to-be-rishtaed-soon young woman played by Kamala, Devi’s cousin is so homely; it reminds me of a typical Indian household. Another one is when Ben comes over for dinner and Nalini has to mention the number of spices be turned down so Ben can enjoy the food is wholesome. I could go on and on, on how many traditional and cultural facts this show has got right!


The storyline shows that Devi, who recently lost her father, does everything in her power to avoid talking about it and devotes all her time and energy in becoming popular so Paxton Hall-Yoshida will finally acknowledge her, is as real as it gets. Not the best way to go about therapy, communicated clearly by everyone’s disapproval of Devi’s behaviour. But Devi learns from her mistakes and finally accepts the loss of her father. I love how Nalini, Devi’s mom supports her mental health and makes sure Devi gets the help she needs throughout the show.

Devi, in her journey to get Paxton HY, ignores her friends, Eleanor and Fabiola on multiple occasions. This, in turn, causes Eleanor and Fabiola to distance them from Devi. The whole scene sends a very strong message as it shows the courage needed to distance yourself from someone who is negatively impacting your life even if it’s your best friend. But ups and downs are what friendships are made of and soon we see our trio solving their problems and come back to supporting each other.


Not just Devi’s life but Eleanor, an aspiring theatre artist, who for her whole life has been inspired by her mom learns the sad truth about her mom’s departure from her life. Not only that, but Eleanor’s mom shows up once more and leaves Eleanor again is too painful to watch. Fabiola, the nerdy robotics president, struggles to cope with her sexuality and comes out to her family who supports her decisions is something that many would-be inspired by.

In the end, I adored the whole season and cannot wait for the next one! A fun-loving, coming-of-age TV show with just the right amount of fun and drama to binge on. I would totally recommend for those who want to watch a light-hearted show with a lot of quirks you come to love. Anybody who relates to will keep saying this is exactly my life. A full 5 stars for Never Have I Ever.


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