10 Book pet peeves that bookworms will understand

If you’re a bookworm like me then you know what I’m suggesting with the title. We would love nothing more than to keep reading a book all day every day, but it totally annoys us when someone who isn’t so much a book lover makes it difficult for us.

I’ve listed down 10 of my bookish pet peeves:

  • Lending books with no returns: Seriously, why would you borrow a book and not return it to the owner. Do you realise how important it is to alphabetise or colour code our bookshelf and find out that one book or more are missing?!
  • dog-eared-book-e1358973316431Dog-ears: Please! Why? Why would someone fold the pretty pages of a book and make ears? USE A BOOKMARK!
  • Pencil marks: Seriously though, if you want to make notes, please keep a notepad or a journal around to scribble. Not the insides of the book!
  • Breaking the spine/folding: Okay so when I get a new book, I go through this process of opening the book equally from both sides to loosen the spine. It pisses me off when someone handles the book roughly. Why would you want to break the spine by folding the book in half? The book has two sides for a reason!
  • Ripping out pages: You know, I get the urge to make note of a favourite quote and share it with friends and family. There’s no need to rip the page out. How would the next person read with a missing page? Also RIPPING PAGES IS A THE HIGHEST BOOKISH CRIME.
  • 5ee55e770e60139559bdb5d6dd3a845eMysterious stains: Coffee and reading are fun. But it’s not fun when you happen to drop coffee on the book or while eating chips, there are oil stains. Stains are a no-no on books.
  • Movie covers: I don’t know if it’s me or if everyone does it. I can’t ready books with movie covers on them. I need it to be the original book covers. It’s a slightly weird thing but I just need to have the original books.
  • Price stickers on synopsis: I’m sure this one we’ve all gone through. You know when you’re book shopping and find a book cover that you like and you think, wow let’s read the description and turns out that the price stickers in on the description so you can’t read it. You sadly put the book down or then remove your phone and read the synopsis of Goodreads. Yeah, I hate when that happens!
  • Kindle-Critical-Battery-ErrorMovie adaptations are better: So, I’m one of those people who while watching the movie adaptation of the book, goes like ‘well, it doesn’t happen that way in the book’ or ‘but where is this character’ or ‘they changed the whole thing’. Yep, that’s me! sometimes it infuriates me when some people say they loved the movie adaptation better. No, you didn’t read the book for them to make a movie out of it and cut out the best chunks of the books.
  • Battery running out: This is a very kindle related issue. You’ve reached the best bit and your kindle starts warning you that battery is running low and you have to keep it on a charge. Sometime’s I’ve had my kindle shutting down on me in the best parts. The worst is when I cannot find the charger!

Here are some of my book pet peeves. If you any to share, please comment below! 

All the love R

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