Why I love reading YA Fantasy so much…

To be honest, I’ve been stuck in the downward spiral of not being able to either read or write. Call it a writer’s block and a reader’s block or whatever. I just can’t seem to get out of these blocks. For a person who finishes reading a book in 2 days, I genuinely take about 2 weeks to finish a book now. I know it’s depressing, but it is what it is.

To get out of my miserable state, I asked my best friend to help me get out of the chaos in my head. She suggested a few things but what got me to write this post is when she asked me why I loved reading YA Fantasy so much. The thing is, the second she asked me this question, I already had a list forming in my head. So here goes nothing ….

1) The first fantasy novel I ever picked was Harry Potter. For starters, I saw the Philosopher’s stone movie and then commenced my reading. At that time, I was around 11 -12 years old, and my mind couldn’t fathom that magic could be real. I’ve always enjoyed princess and barbie movies but that was animation, right? Having seen the magical life of Harry Potter had me intrigued in the imaginative world that JKR had created. It made me realize that imagination had no bounds and it could create anything you wanted.


2) Reality ruined my life – Not really but you get the point. Sometimes, you need to escape the everyday motions of life and what best way to do that but to immerse yourself in a book? Losing yourself in a fantasy book is so much easier when there is a unique geographical location with either supernatural beings or regular people with supernatural abilities. Isn’t escapism fantastic?

3) Magic, magic, and magic. Even a toddler is captivated by a simple magic trick so what makes us any different? We see right through a party magician’s tricks but the real magicians are these authors that manage to keep us spellbound with their magical words that weave through our minds and bodies. I personally keep wishing I had some fascinating magical powers after every fantasy I read. Oh, how I wish that were true!

4) Which brings me to hope. Even though I know that the story isn’t real. The characters are in fact fictional and even Hogwarts or Narnia for that matter don’t exist. I still believe they’re real. In my mind and heart. I still hope that one day I will receive my Hogwarts admission letter. If we can hope for such a small fictional thing, I’m pretty sure we can learn to believe and hope for real people and real situations too.


5) At the end of the day, all these supernatural beings tend to show humanity. Their behaviours or actions revolve around the human emotions. Be it love, friendship, hate, anger, joy, happiness, greed, power, doing right by the people and so many more. It all comes down to being human. Which by far is the best power anyone can have!

So those are my reasons and I’m delighted to list them down since they’re like a reminder as to why I started reading fantasy in the first place. I feel the positive vibes that are inspiring me to start reading and writing again. Here’s to a better start and hopefully a good productive one!

All the love, R.


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