Love, Death, Trust -Which will you choose?

Don't Blame the Reckless Cover

Book Name: Don’t blame the Reckless

Author: Maddyson Wilson

Genre: Dystopian Fiction

Publisher: Zenith Publishing

Publication Date: July 12, 2019

Book Acquired: ARC, through the publisher

Ratings: ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Don’t blame the Reckless gives a Red Queen meets Throne of Glass vibe which is a good combination as both the mentioned stories have been loved by all. The book follows the life of Ember, also know as The Bloodhound, our very own Kadjarian assassin who lives in the poor part of town. Struggling throughout her life and seeing the biased nature of their ruler, Ember, distraught with the system takes matters into her own hands. In order to change the corrupt system where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, Ember starts by eliminating those who have played a part in this corrupt system. Quick as she is, Ember manages to slink out of the way for the past 23 assassinations but gets caught amid killing the Queen. Her unsuccessful attempt gets her locked in for a lifetime.

However, the Queen offers her a deal that could change everything that Ember has ever wanted. Ember seeks out her way to Angeles where the queen has sent her to retrieve an important informer. Following the queen’s orders, Ember infiltrates the Angeles with an alias and some friends of the Queen. There she meets the young and handsome Prince Roman who changes her entire mission. The prince himself has been running from his demon and both get caught in the whirlwind of the game the Queen of Kadjar and the King of Angeles is playing. Now it’s up to them to save their beloved people and cities before its too late. Death brought them together, but will death bring them apart?

What I liked about the story –

The idea of this story is great with just enough tensions and drama that keep you at the edge of the seat. The budding friendship and romantic tension that builds between the main characters make you feel like love can be found even in the darkest of times. It also makes you believe that a person who is as closed off and filled with hatred as Ember can also eventually learn to trust and open her heart for someone. Whereas, someone who is abused daily, such as Prince Roman is still capable of love and trust is also an eye-opener.

Moreover, feeling of loneliness and having trust issues as not only a problem but something that you eventually learn to accept and grow from has been very well highlighted by the author. Putting this issue in a situation where you have nothing, stems from the belief that you can grow things once again and make things right.

What I didn’t like about the story –

The story seems a bit rushed and jumps from one place to another very quickly. At once, we are with Ember and Roman discussing a fight plan and the next they are running from something that has caused great havoc. If the chapters were written with much more details, it would be nice to read more emotions and thoughts of the characters. The story also changes POV hastily and doesn’t give us enough time to understand the character’s perspective closely. The cliff-hanger at the end again feels very rushed with the way the story was progressing.


With the cons aside, I really enjoyed reading this dystopian novel of two strong protagonists fighting for what they believe is right. I also look forward to reading the sequel with the cliff-hanger that has been set up. This book is for all those who love a bit of dystopian fantasy with shocking plot twists then this one is for you!

(It’s been a really long time since I have posted and I apologize for the wait. I’m back and I promise to bring more content for you all to read and enjoy! Thank you for your patience.)

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