The Seven Deadly Sins [Tag]

This tag has been making rounds on book blogs and I came across it on Serendipitous Reads‘ blog (you’ll love her if you’re a bibliophile) and she tagged anyone reading the post. So here’s what I’m guilty of.


What is the most expensive book you own? What is the least expensive book that you own?


The most expensive, hmm…I think the most expnsive book I own is The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown waaaay back in 2010. I was on my way back to Dubai from Karachi and I purchased it at Jinnah International Airport for around PKR 800 which back then would convert to somewhere between $9-$10.

The least expensive book that I’ve purchased is called Sand and Slingbacks by Georgina Newbery. I bought this for AED 5 which is around $1.5.


What book or books have you shamelessly devoured many times?


I have to name a series for this one and it’s Harry Potter. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve devoured each book in the series. There was a point of time where I wasn’t allowed to read any books (no books was always my punishment because they’ve been my love for as long as I can remember) so I made just enough space underneath my bed for 5 books (Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows hadn’t been released yet) so I could have my fill of Harry Potter.

JK Rowling was the enabler for my book addiction.


What attributes do you find most attractive in your characters?


Generally, I like my characters to be dynamic. I do not have a problem when characters act in a way that goes against what they’ve said. If a righteous character ends up committing an immoral act, I feel that just makes it all the more human and the progression of the story and character development very natural. This onus for this falls entirely on the author of course and the way they portray the character.

If I had to highlight a specific trait in a male or female character, it would be arrogance/pride that I find very attractive in a character.


What books would you most like to receive as a gift?



If someone is giving me a gift of books, can I forward a list to you? 😛

Kidding peeps.

I would love to have the limited edition Harry Potter books in the Ravenclaw house colours and seal. 🙂


What book or book series have you neglected out of sheer laziness?


The Red Queen Trilogy. I just can’t get myself to read it! I know I will complete it in time, the time isn’t right now though. 😛

Just like falling in love, I believe the timing needs to be right for you to read a book with all your attention.


What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?


I love Sarah J Maas for the Throne of Glass books and I hate Sarah J Maas for thr A Court of Thorns & Roses series.

I mean can you please put Azriel out of his misery? He has to be the most decent guy around.


What book or books do you bring up when you want to sound like an intellectual reader?pride

So many of them actually! These days it is Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.

Now as my endnote, if you’ve read this post, consider yourself tagged. 🙂

Until next time, U.