Vulnerability of a Superhero

Oh, look! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman! We all know about superheroes, whether it was through comic books, or watching them in films or then most recently, TV shows. Superheroes are so strong and invincible and indestructible, yadda yadda, yadda, but do we ever think about superheroes having a weak side. They are humans after all! Okay, they have awesome powers, but they are still human right… sort of… maybe?

According to some theorists, superheroes have stereotypes too. Didn’t know that? Well, now you will! A superhero is known to have reached his or her superhero level without the guidance of his/her parents. Sound weird? Think about it … Superman, Spider man, Iron man, and Batman… the list could go on! They’re usually marked out from society! Another thing that makes a superhero a superhero is the fact that most of the superheroes have to live a normal life and their alter egos seem to have mundane problems and troubles. Ironic much?

You’d be surprised as for how Superman and Spider man live their lives! Both of them are fatherless, displaced from society and are taken under the care of nuclear families. Superman is adopted by human parents since he has lost his biological ones. Spider man faces the same loss and is taken in by his aunt and uncle. They’re both displaced from their biological families and are placed in model families where their adoptive parents form loving relationships with them only to be distanced again!

superman lois lane

Superman moves away from his adoptive parents in order to find himself and well, Peter Parker becomes Spiderman. They usually do this in order to save their family and to protect the ones they care about! But guess what?! Dun … Dun…Dun…

They always have a leading lady that needs to be protected. I’m sure you know Lois Lane and Mary Jane Watson, right? In both cases, they never really get the girl as Spider man only promises his friendship to Mary Jane and as for Superman, he tells Lois Lane, he’ll always be around. They don’t get the girl until the very end!

We often hear the saying ‘With great powers, come great responsibilities’. Superheroes also face some responsibilities, be it personal or professional. But it’s quite surprising, when Spider man and Superman, even after possessing extraordinary powers also suffer feats like us. They also have evil bosses and colleagues who bully them and make their lives miserable. In addition to that, they even have girl drama! But having all these problem’s doesn’t make them any less human.

spiderman mary jane

Contrary to popular beliefs, it is the acts of a person what makes them a hero. Superman and Spider man are always overcoming hard choices and decisions when they are put in difficult situations and making sure that everyone is safe are some qualities that make them a hero. Having a superpower is just an added bonus, you could say. If a person is able to change themselves in order to complete that one task which makes the world better says a lot about him/her. Life gives us many opportunities, it’s up to us how we want to use them. That’s what makes anyone a superhero!

So since it’s proven that superheroes are humans who face the same difficult situations as us and have a vulnerable side to them then I guess, it’s fair to say that secretly we’re superheroes too, just not aware of our super cool powers!

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